Samantha Noble started her marketing career back in 2000 at Sunsail, part of the TUI group of companies, and has since gained 15 years of experience in marketing. She worked her way from offline marketing to paid search until landing a role at Koozai in 2008 in digital marketing.

She is also the Co-Chief Editor for State of Digital, working alongside Bas van den Beld running and growing the site and managing the blogging team. She founded the Digital Females group in 2012 which now has over 750 members and is about to hold its 15th meetup.


Marketing Director at Koozai and Co-Chief Editor for State of Digital blog.

Holding five Digital Female meetups.

Founding Digital Females in 2012.

Speaking at several conferences in the UK and Holland.

Sam has had a significant impact on the UK Search Industry having founded Digital Females in 2012 to inspire and motivate women in the digital industry, and always gives back to the industry every opportunity she gets. She is a truly inspirational and passionate search professional who just happens to be a woman.
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