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We all lead hugely busy lives, so all too often the small amount of free time we do have gets swallowed up, and we struggle to make time for the things that really matter.

If you could calculate what your free time was worth, would it make you more mindful of how you’re spending that time?

To calculate the value of your free time enter your annual salary here:

Then enter how many hours you spend on each of the activities on a typical working day below:
(you’ll see as you enter your data, your ‘free time’ figure will reduce accordingly)

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Calculations are made on the following basis:
First we convert the annual salary figure entered into disposable income (what you take home after income tax and NI deductions). We then deduct the time spent sleeping, working, commuting and cooking/eating on both working and non-working days to calculate how much free time you have. We then divide your your disposable income by this free time figure to give you the value of your time.

Calculations are made on the basis of a 5 day work week, with 28 days paid annual leave per year. We’ve assumed the same amount of time is spent sleeping and cooking/eating on both working and non-working days.

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